This is part of the backbone of “ Eureka Medical Laboratory ”. Diseases and disease conditions are diagnosed in this department. It incorporates microscopical analyses and cultures of faecal samples and other body fluids. Parasites and bacteria can be isolated with subsequent anti-microbial sensitivity done to establish the treatment that is necessary to rid the body of that infection.

  • Culture and sensitivity of all body fluids and exudates. (Sputum, Blood, Wounds,Vaginal/ Urethral Smears, Urine)
  • Faecal matter, CSF etc)
  • Microscopic analysis for Parasites e.g. Malaria, Filaria, Leishmania and faecal parasites.
  • Tuberculosis AAFB studies.
  • Sterility studies (Hospital settings).
  • Water analyses.
  • Seafood’s testing

The Microbiology department at EML Inc. offers testing for a wide range of micro-organisms such as bacteria, parasites and fungi that significantly affects humans and animals. We provide testing for sexual transmitted diseases such as Gonorrhea, Syphilis and Chlamydia.